Adam Donen is a director, writer and composer, and inventor of the “holographic drama” form.

Recently released in the UK (and touring Europe in the months to come), his Symphony to a Lost Generation is the world’s first touring stage performance without a single live element, using holograms to fuse ballet, butoh dance, drama and symphony to create a 3-dimensional experience and storytelling form which draws on the technical possibilities of projection and film, but is rooted in the artistic tradition of the symphony and of classical stage forms.

Other major works include The Bernhard Suite (a composition for string orchestra and piano inspired by novelist Thomas Bernhard), Jokasta, a site-specific drama written and directed for performance in London’s Abney Park Cemetery. and the song cycle Poems After Lorca (premiered at Cadogan Hall).

Donen was born in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1985, and delivered his first poetry performance in Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison to ANC freedom fighters in 1990. He divides his time between London and Berlin.


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