Europa – A Farce

A farce concerning Europe in Austerity

Written, composed and directed by Adam Donen
produced in association with ADA Architects
commissioned by the Bloomsbury Association
for the Bloomsbury Festival

There’s a pot of gold for those the gods love
Another gold pot for the brave who survive
from Athens to Ithaca – reach for the sky
You need no winged sandals, they say…
But that’s not how it goes
If you need better clothes
Yes, I know the slow, steady grind
It don’t get no better; I try, more than ever,
But you gotta be far more than clever
to do any much more than get by, and I’m stuck…
when nobody anywhere gives much of a…
all you need is luck.
all you need is luck.
There’s a pot of gold for the brave who are lucky
There’s a pot of gold for those with enough pots of gold
but in a continent of plenty, my pockets remain empty
(He looks on the ladder, and kicks it)
what? shall I climb to the heavens?
They say heavens are open to those who aspire
On cue, a pot of gold slowly lowers from the top of the stage. We hear the sound of coins jangling. He looks up and starts… stretching out the pause, he considers the ladder, the pot of gold, and his position.
Luck, luck, luck, luck, luck!
He moves the ladder into position. With the ladder behind him, he addresses the audience. While he sings, the ladder shakes behind him. He climbs on the first rung of the ladder. The ladder slips out from under him. The pot of gold shakes. He is confused. He moves the ladder to perfectly beneath the pot. He climbs the ladder while singing.
The heavens are open to those who aspire
And the continent is bountiful
for the diligent, resourceful, and
most particularly for me.
The pot of gold inches away from him. He looks up. It remains static, but a distance from him. He is confused. He decides there’s nothing for it but to leap. He leaps for the pot of gold. It moves further away. He falls to the floor of the stage. The pot replaces itself in the centre. Jason looks up, completely bewildered. He reaches for the ladder. The ladder moves away from him. He catches up with it, and moves it back to the centre of the stage. He raises his leg to take the first step on it, gripping a rung, and it moves away from him again. He falls again. Shaking his head, furiously now, he chases the ladder around the stage. Finally he catches it, grips it and examines it from all sides. He discovers a secret panel in it. He opens it and the corpse of the President of the Council falls out.
Music plays for THE DETECTIVE, and he comes on stage.