The Daydreams of Youth

Recorded by The Alexandria Quartet
All songs by Adam Donen.
Produced by Jack Fenton & Adam Donen

Released on Walker & Orfing records

Five Minute Zeitgeist
Wait, let me state
In Spain the reign depends mainly on the States, she explains
It’s not an awful long way from original sin to create
A terrorist devil behind every miserable face. Don’t debate.
Eliza lies not and she’s lying on the tomb of the age
So give a man a fish and dish him an ASBO too
There’s a white lie riding on the back of a B-52, just for you
Let me serve you John the Baptist’s head
In a white wine sauce with pak choi and courgettesI’m here tonight ‘cos the zeitgeist couldn’t be bothered
I’m here tonight ‘cos the zeitgeist couldn’t be bothered
Babe, I’m doing this for profit, but I’m also a prophet, what of it
I’m here tonight ‘cos the zeitgeist couldn’t be
Let me reiterate
We wait dumb at the cemetary gates of our respective fates
‘Neath a sky the colour of your make-up covered vacant face, can you face
This belated 8-megaton revelation, babe? We await
Nothing but the place and the date of our escape
I’ve got a Che Guevera leather jacket, it cost me a packet
Hon, you’ve got a nasty habit, so do I, and I’ve stashed it
In the cupboard with John the Baptist’s head
And your spare winter wardrobe and duty free cigarettes
Hon, I’m here tonight ‘cos the zeitgeist couldn’t be bothered …
I got the heart of a saint and the brain of a desperate killer
I got a hand-grenade body cannot contain the crazed soul that fills it
I got a manual override function on my mind when I will it
I got a wild-growing field of dreams; every hour I till it

I got a rainbow inside me, I ride it to places you can’t know
I got seventy crap-shooting angels who offer me halos
I got a round-the-clock cop watching me hiding in plainclothes
I got the voice of God talkin to me from my personal stereo

I got words shooting through me five times faster than I can write them
Seen everything I believe explode in a white flash of lightning
I’ve seen Jerusalem burning, heard the secular silence of heaven
Seen a man yelling, “love”, seen the gun of the cop who arrests him

The depths of my soul are not pretty or sexy or clever
I got dreams that I seem to be stuck with for worse or for better I’ll dream them forever

Five Minute Zeitgeist

by Alexandria Quartet | The Daydreams of Youth