Symphony to a Lost Generation


The world’s first holographic drama. A modern gesamtkunstwerk without a single live performer, fusing symphony, ballet, butoh, drama and visual effects. 250 actors and 200 musicians appearing on stage – and all of them holograms. Major cast include Sergei Polunin, Natalia Osipova, Shekhar Ravjiani, Minako Seki and Ernesto Tomasini. Music by Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Philharmonic Choir and soprano Yana Ivanilova. Composed, written and directed by Adam Donen.

"You are filled with the awe and wonder experienced by the earliest cinema audiences."

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It was utterly unique, i've not seen anything like it before....
An amazing experience!

“Holograms are a new art form for our age” 

“The May show will be the first time ever a concert like this has been performed.”

“Live theatre, meet holograms”